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Flora Samuel

Flora Samuel (Principal Investigator)

Flora is the lead principal of the CCQoL Project across the four nations; England (Reading), Wales (Cardiff), Scotland (Edinburgh) and Northern Ireland (Belfast). Flora is a Professor at the University of Reading. She was the first RIBA Vice President for Research and is lead author of the Social Value Toolkit for Architects (RIBA, 2020) and an industry expert on social value.
Lorraine Farrelly

Lorraine Farrelly (Co-investigator)

Lorraine is our co- investigator for CCQoL project for England - Reading. She is an Architect and also Head of Architecture and Foundation Professor at the University of Reading where she has set up the new School of Architecture
Nisa Unis

Nisa Unis (Community Partnerships Manager)

Nisa's role is to ensure that the research project is inclusive, accessible, and widely known to as many communities in Reading as possible and to encourage everyone’s participation to have a say in the planning decisions of Reading town
Ruchit Purohit

Ruchit Purohit (Research Assistant)

Ruchit is the Research Assistant working closely with Flora by overseeing the research project across the four nations. His role is to make sure the data management is going as smooth as possible
Stephanie Edwards

Stephanie Edwards (Project Partner)

Stephanie Edwards is an Architect, Urbanist and Cofounder of Urban Symbiotics – an insight and research led multi-disciplinary design practice that focuses on the user experience to innovate architecture, masterplanning and the public realm. She continues to focus on delivering social value through a variety of project types and scales to facilitate the building of inclusive, equitable and progressive communities.
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Quality of Life Foundation (Project Partner)

The Quality of Life Foundation is addressing the changes that can be made across the development industry to ensure that homes are acquired, planned, constructed, and managed to actively provide a better quality of life for everyone.

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University of Reading

The project is based at the University of Reading

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